Discrete Positive Emotions and Their Social and Personal Outcomes
As a positive emotional state, how does pride affect people’s nonverbal behaviors? How does it affect performance in a work partnership? How does it affect observers’ perceptions of the proud individual?
What benefits does gratitude bring for the self and relationships? Can individual differences in the grateful experience be perceived in the lab? How successful are gratitude interventions at inspiring significant change in emotions, well-being, physical health, and prosociality?

Nonverbal Behavior and Social Outcomes
Nonconscious Mimicry
What positive outcomes does this nonverbal behavior have for social interaction?
Judgments of Trust
How do people determine other people’s trustworthiness? What nonverbal behaviors are thought to be important?
Learning with Technology
Are tablets an effective learning platform? Can social robots provide superior learning outcomes to tablets–comparable to learning from a human teacher? Are there nonverbal components of social robotics design that increase or decrease effectiveness?